Design and Build

At Princeton Lawn and Landscapes we strive to create an outdoor living space that is in harmony with the architecture and design of your home. For example, if you have an 18th century colonial design, then we utilize elements from classic Williamsburg gardens, the best of that period. If you have a contemporary home we utilize an eclectic array of plants and modern design technique.

Our five step process


Initial Meeting

Prior to our meeting you will receive by email a questionnaire to let us understand you lifestyle, practical needs, plant preferences and your budget. We methodically walk the property together with you to understand your needs and then we test your soil, assess your natural drainage, understand sunlight vs shade areas, ascertain traffic patterns and take measurements.


Unique Design Approach

Remember those squiggly lines and weird symbols that were used in landscape design? We don’t use those anymore. We carefully photograph the areas requiring a new design. Our degreed Graphic Designer then “erases” your current foliage and under the guidance of one of two of our partners, Dave or Tom, utilizes software to populate a rendering with the shrubs, flowering trees, perennials and ground cover that are incorporated in your design. Yes, you see a picture of your proposed landscaping prior to your approval. The fee is reasonable, usually
between $150 and $450.


Second Meeting

You review your graphic design with Dave and/or Tom. We appreciate candor.
Let us know what you do and don’t like. We will have plenty of questions. The final adjusted rendering is spot on.


Approval Meeting

Your final rendering is reviewed with your approval. We collect a one-third deposit and the design fee. A target date for installation is set.



Dave or Tom will be on your site to begin each day. They are also available for daily consultation. A trusted English speaking foreman is always at your site, available to answer your questions. Upon completion Dave and/or Tom will methodically walk through the property to ensure your satisfaction. At this time final payment is appreciated.

Prior to leaving we will answer any questions you have regarding care and maintenance or we can always come back at a later date if need.